nbn New Developments

Dataphone is an nbn trained New Developments supplier - design and install. We provide design services to assist builders, developers, and contractors to ensure they are correctly prepared for the installation of the nbn network.

By utilising Dataphone as your supplier, we can ensure the certification process of your New Development is fast-tracked and ensure New Development designs and installations are built right the first time and to the correct standards.

Application Process


Plan early with your building partners

Make sure you have at least six months up your sleeve prior to handover to allow nbn sufficient time to complete the construction process.


Submit information to us

Using the information you provide, we'll design the Pit and Pipe infrastructure and give you an indication of how long it will take to connect your development.


Approve our prepared design

We'll send you a completed design which will require approval prior to submission to nbn.


Get connected

Dataphone will email you a letter of completion informing that the nbn network is now active at your New Development and a connection can be placed.

Order a Design

More Information

What is the nbn network?

The nbn network is an upgrade to Australia's existing phone and internet infrastructure and will affect the vast majority of people across Australia as it impacts our landline phones and internet services.

Why choose Dataphone for new development design?

There are certain guidelines you must adhere to in order to ensure your new development is prepared correctly for the installation of the telecommunications network equipment, according to nbn requirements.

Dataphone is an accredited new development Pit & Pipe - designer and installer. We provide nbn pathway design services to help builders, developers, and contractors ensure they are correctly prepared for the installation of network equipmment.

Our drafting department are familiar with CAD standards, nbn design toolsets, and symbol specifications relevant to the nbn network design rules.


Residential Preparation and Installation Guide for SDU & MDU