Smart Communications for Small Businesses

The SL2100 provides a powerful unified communication platform - built for small business.

With VoIP capabilities, the SL2100 puts Unified Communications (UC) within reach of small businesses, yet still provides superior support for traditional telephony; ensuring total flexibility for every deployment. It can also present considerable savings and functionality over and above alternative hosted solutions.

With Auto Attendant and Unified Messaging at no extra cost, and inexpensive in-built applications like web conferencing and toll fraud protection, it is ideal for small companies with limited budgets.

The SL2100 provides a reliable 'always on' solution. Designed to minimise maintenance and built with minimal hardware and licenses.


SL2100 - Usage Examples


Small/Medium Organizations using Auto Attendant

High call volumes in organizations can result in lost productivity. With an auto attendant, customizable pre-recorded messages:

  • Provide callers with self-service options to easily get to the person or department they are trying to reach without going through the operator – allowing the operator to work on other tasks

  • Can provide callers with information that is most frequently asked, such as, “when are you open?”, “what is your address?”, etc…    


Retail Stores using Mobile Wireless Handsets

Retail personnel are usually always on the move and it is difficult for them to stay connected. With the use of Mobile Wireless Handsets, they can:

  • Freely roam throughout the store to service customers while staying connected to answer caller inquiries

  • Call colleagues with questions about a certain product, inventory availability, etc…to get an immediate answer for a customer


Healthcare Facility using Auto Attendant

Doctor’s offices, surgery centers and similar other healthcare facilities routinely receive a high volume of inquires throughout the day. With auto attendant, pre-recorded messages tailored to their practice:

  • Enable patients to use the self-service options to reach the right person or department for things such as scheduling an appointment, or leaving a detailed message

  • Free up staff to be able to focus more of their attention on servicing the patients currently in their office


Dentist Offices using Call Groups

Dentist offices typically receive a large volume of incoming calls in the morning and it can be difficult sometimes to keep up. With the use of call groups, staff can:

  • Easily log in and out of a particular call group to assist receptionist during peak calling hours

  • Handle fluctuating call volumes at any time to ensure patients/callers are taken care of in a timely manner


Food Service/Entertainment

using Mobility Solutions

It can be a challenge for staff at food service and entertainment establishments to stay connected while servicing customers – especially in large venues. With the use of mobile wireless handsets and a smartphone client that can connect to Wi-Fi to minimize use of cellular minutes, staff can:

  • Be reached from any location and be more productive

  • Provide better service since they are more connected and do not have to leave the customer to get answers to their questions


Small Hotels/Motels using Hospitality Applications

Guests at hotels/motels have come to expect certain services no matter where they are staying. With the SL2100’s hospitality applications, staff can ensure their guests have a memorable stay by:

  • Providing them access to personalized services such as guestroom messaging with choice of language, self-setting wake-up calls and do not disturb plus one-touch access to other important services

  • Monitoring guest room status and knowing immediately when rooms are ready and available for guests to check-in quickly

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