Dataphone has over 25 years’ experience in delivering voice and telephony solutions. Many of our customers are already taking advantage of our SIP trunking solution to reduce their monthly telco spend and set themselves free from expensive ISDN costs.

SIP Trunking is the simplest and most cost-effective way to connect your existing PBX or Unified Communications systems to the public switched telephony network (PSTN). SIP Trunking leverages your WAN or data network to deliver calls to and from the PSTN, alleviating the need to pay for expensive ISDN services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I make the move to SIP Trunks?

Customers who leverage SIP Trunks gain benefits such as:

  • Cost Savings (over traditional ISDN).

  • More flexibility and control over call routing (web based configuration options).

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery (e.g. call forward network unreachable and enterprising trunking options).

How many channels do I need for my business?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend you get one SIP channel for every 5 handset users in your business. However, every business is slightly different, so we will help you analyse your bill and usage to determine the channels that are right for you.

How much bandwidth do I need for a SIP Trunk?

We use the G.711 audio codec for SIP calls. For 10 channels of SIP trunking, you will require a 1 Mbps symmetrical network link from Dataphone.

Will Dataphone SIP Trunking work with my PBX?

Your phone system needs to be SIP or IP ready (an IP-PBX). Traditional or non-SIP ready phone systems can also be made to work with SIP Trunks via a voice gateway or ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor), we can optionally provide this for you.

What PBX equipment vendors will work with Dataphone SIP Trunking?

We have a comprehensive list of compatible PBX systems and known working configurations for these. Let us know your PBX name and model and we'll confirm if it's supported.

What technology platform delivers Dataphone SIP Trunking?

Dataphone SIP Trunks are delivered using the state of the art, fully redundant ConnectYou platform. ConnectYou supports direct peering with Cloud PBX platform providers and independent SIP Trunks.

Can I bring my numbers / DIDs with me to Dataphone?

Yes. We will organise a number port from your carrier to us and we will manage your numbers for you.

Can I bring my inbound 1300 / 1800 numbers with me to Dataphone?

Yes. We will organise a number port from your carrier to us and we will manage your numbers for you.

Will my fax service connected off my PBX still work?

Yes. Our SIP Trunks support T.38 and fax pass through. If there are any challenges, we can provide you other options for your fax service such as Fax to Email or a dedicated analogue PSTN service.

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